2012 Kış Okulları Programı açıklandı. HiDRA Başkanı Nilay Akça 2012 Hedeflerini Belirtti. DeHiDRA Yakında Canlı Yayınla Sitemizde. Kış Okulu "Bilimsel Çalışmanın Esasları" BAŞVURU SÜRECİ BAŞLADI. Bilimsel Dergilerimizden The Journal of Marine Education yayına hazırlanıyor.
ANA SAYFA      journal of marine education
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HiDRA JOURNAL of MARINE EDUCATION will first be published by the year 2012 and has now been concrete constructing the basis. Authors will here be given a panel to submit papers online. 
HidJMarEdu is an international, peer-reviewed publication featuring original contributions of interest to both the academic and practicing educators and trainers. HidJMarEdu, published two times per year, contains research papers and studies as well as articles focusing on the training of people about the seas, educators and trainers on the practice of marine education. 
HidJMarEdu features the following sections: 

• Original Contributions
• Techniques and Procedures
• Technical Tips
• Laboratory in Marine Education
• Practise in people's education
• Case Presentations 
• Educational Classics
• Educational Forum
• Editorial(s)
• Letters to the Editor
• Education
• Administration of The Education and Training Systems
• International Education Enterprices
• Computers in Marine Education
• Recognition, Management, and Prevention
• Ethics
• Book and Other Media Reviews
• Calendar of Events
• Abstracts
• Marine Trauma Reports

Constructing Editorial Board of HidJMarEdu

Nilay AKÇA
Hydrobiological Research Society
Editorial Manager
Hydrobiological Research Society

Except for the Editorial Manager, constracting editors are subject to change by the journal is issued. 

This area will be used for the online submissions. 

Special for the first issue,

letters to the editor are expected to be published.

The first issue will separate pages for the letters which we believe are bound to set our headings for the future progress.

Please feel free to submit a letter file in doc or docx format for the consideration of publication.

To be alerted by an e-mail on the openning of the panel please please let us know: hidra@hidra.org.tr 

We invite contributors to take place in the scientific board of HidJMarEdu. If you like to be a section editor, please send an e-mail to jme@hidra.org.tr explaining both your academic or occupational status and area of interest (one or more items from the list on the far left column). Please keep in mind that there is no obligation to be a biologist or marine biologist. Anyone who has studied for the education or the awareness of the people may well come forward. 

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